Products & Categories

TDAI collectively distributes products from brands like Apple,  Acer, Belkin, BenQ, Cisco, Dell, Gigabyte, Hitachi, Kingston, LaCie, Lenovo, Logitech, Microsoft, Moser Baer, Samsung, Western Digital, IBM, HP, Oracle, EMC, Symantec and Motorola amongst many others. Over the years, the members of TDAI have formed strong relations with over 200 world class vendors. TDAI will facilitate interaction with various Dealer Associations on common issues faced by the distribution eco-system as also a forum for discussion with Vendors on taking the channel business to its next stage of development.


TDAI collectively distributes in wide array of categories like:

Collectively encapsulates a wide gamut of distribution categories, viz., Enterprise Networking Data and Voice Products, Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, Notebooks, Computer Accessories & Peripherals, Information Security, Electronic Security, AIDC & POS, Unified Communications, Data Center Products,  Servers, Storage and Software, Antivirus, Pens, Manageability Solutions, Passive Cabling, Active and Wireless Active Networking Products, Monitors and Projectors, Multi-Function Printers (Laser and Inkjets) and Consumables, Memory Modules (RAM), Portable and Commercial Storage, Hard Disk Drives, Removable Data Storage (Tape Drives) and Optical Media (DVD-R and CD-R), IP Solutions, Cameras & Digital Video Recorder, Mobile Surveillance and HD CCTV, Webcams, Speakers and Headphones, Online UPS, Motherboards, Keyboards, Mice, Gaming Devices, Professional Graphic Cards (Multi-Display Cards), Licensing Business etc.