Vision & Mission


To become a premier association credited for propelling and driving the growth and prosperity of the technology distribution industry in India

  • Elevate the Indian technology distribution industry to newer heights
  • Building strategic partnerships in crucial markets
  • Establish the Indian technology distribution industry as a force to reckon with
  • Advocate thought leadership, research, market intelligence and membership engagement
  • Mentor the industry to tread the path of growth and prosperity
  • Play a major role in influencing the community to cohesively work towards developing and upholding industry-hygiene
  • Provide platforms for members and other stakeholders to interact and network
  • Identify and expand the country’s pool of relevant and skilled resources
  • Harness the benefits of TDAI to drive a balanced growth for the industry
  • Help the industry be acknowledged as an indispensable part of the technology supply-chain, linking vendors and partners with consumers